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Mount, Back and Bag Packs

The complete package to protect and display your artwork or photographs

Includes 1.4mm bevel cut acid free white core mount, 1mm PH neutral cream core backing board, 40 micron cellophane bag

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Select Mount Colour

Size to take picture

6x4" to take 3.5x2.5"

7x5" to take 5x3"

6x6" to take 4x4"

8x6" to take 6x4"

8x8" to take 4x4"

8x8" to take 6x6"

9x7" to take 7x5"

10x8" to take 6x4"

10x8" to take 7x5"

10x8" to take 8x6"/A5

10x10" to take 6x6"

10x10" to take 8x8"

12x10" to take 8x6"

12x10" to take 9x7"

12x10" to take 10x8"

12x12" to take 8x8"

12x12" to take 10x10"

14x11" to take 10x7"

14x11" to take A4

16x12" to take A4

16x12" to take 12x8"

16x16" to take 12x12"

18x14" to take 14x10"

20x16" to take A3

20x16" to take 16x12"

50x40cm to take A4

50x40cm to take A3

40x30cm to take A4

A2 to take A3

A3 to take A4

A4 to take 9x6"


5 10 15 20 25 50 100

How to package your artwork

You can use our high quality mount, back and bag sets to perfectly protect your artwork ready for storage, sale or transport.

Each of our sets include a high quality picture mount and standard backing board.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use our sets to get your artwork ready for sale or storage.

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